What IF? …I was Living on Mars? Competition

Who can enter this WHAT IF? Competition?

You can enter if you are in 6th through 12th grade (11-18 years old). You can work in teams for this competition as long as all team members are in the 6th-12th grades. Teams can be no more than 3 people. Please note that answers must be submitted in English.

WHAT IF I win?

The winners of the WHAT IF? competition will win the following:

  1. There will be a 1st and 2nd place winner in each of these categories. Each member of the team will receive a prize. Click here for a picture and description of the prizes.
    • 6th – 8th Grade Entries
      • 1st place – Celestron StarSeeker 70mm GoTo Refractor Telescope
      • 2nd place – One Year Subscription to Odyssey Magazine
    • 9th – 12th Grade Entries
      • 1st place – Celestron SkyScout Personal Planetarium
      • 2nd place - $50 Gift Certificate to Barnes & Noble
  2. All winners will be listed on Anousheh’s web site with their ideas and their photo, if provided.
  3. All winners will be invited to participate in an awards dinner in their honor with Anousheh. This dinner will be held in the Dallas, Texas area. (Please note: Transportation and accommodations will not be provided)

How do I enter the WHAT IF? competition?

Read the following scenario and instructions to understand what Anousheh is looking for. Document your ideas and make sure all of your work is original work! Remember there are NO dumb ideas! Please note that all answers must be submitted in English.

It is year 2020 and we have been able to build a spaceship that will take us to Mars.  The scientists are worried about over population on earth and would like to design a futuristic, self sustaining city on Mars.  Your job is design this city. 
So the task, if you and your team of specialists decide to choose it, is to design a life sustaining city on Mars.

  1. You will need to investigate what it takes for a community of people to live and survive on the planet. Don't forget important issues such as:  How will you get air?  Food?  Water? And what other essentials will be needed to sustain life?  Researching websites about Mars for information will be helpful in planning and designing your city.

  2. From this information you can then concept a city plan. Your city plan must include houses, shops, businesses and a way to transport resources needed from Earth.  Include any other structures you feel necessary to create your city, but you must explain why you feel they are needed in your city.  Will your city hold up to any weather or other problems on Mars?  Will there be transportation?  If so, what kind?

  3. Write a plan that explains all the different areas and your reason for the city design.

  4. Create a drawing of the layout of your city’s design to provide a visual of your city concept. The drawing may be by hand or computer but it must be original.

How do I enter my idea?

You need to download the Registration Form and fill it out. Send the Registration Form along with your drawings and description to Anousheh either by email or by mail.

  1. Email
    You can email your Registration Form, drawings and entry to Anousheh at info@ahoora.org.
    Please write “WHAT IF?? Mars” for the subject of your message

  2. Mail
    You can mail your Registration Form and entry to Anousheh at this address

Ahoora Foundation
Attn: WHAT IF? Mars 
6101 W. Plano Parkway
Plano, TX 75093

Don’t forget your Registration Form so we know how to contact you!

What is the deadline?

You must have your Registration Form, plan and designs entry into Anousheh by August 1, 2008!

When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 on the Education section of Anousheh’s website. If you are a winner, we will also attempt to let you know by mail or a call.

WHAT IF I have questions? How do I get them answered?

Email your questions to info@ahoora.org. Anousheh and her team will help you get them answered as quickly as possible.

Good luck!

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